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“Thinking outside the box” means to think creatively for a new solution to an old problem.  It was a creative metaphor when it first emerged in common use in the late 1960s.  Fifty years later, the expression has become a cliché.

When it comes to converting training for the online environment, webinars are quickly becoming the eLearning equivalent of “thinking outside the box.”  Everyone is doing it, so much is available for free, and most provide only a superficial treatment of a subject.  What are training professionals to do?  Is there a better, more engaging way to train virtually and reduce the scheduling requirements?

Asynchronous learning is the answer.  In the old days, asynchronous learning primarily meant interactive web-based courses or electronic documents.  These, however, are not the only options.  Technological advances have made more options affordable and easier to create.  The time is now to think inside the box!  The box, in this case, is the computer screen.   Consider these alternatives to the one-hit webinars or standard, interactive e-learning modules:

  • Interactive slide presentations: Similar to interactive elearning, these require less programming to create and are easier to edit in the future.  They also make conversion from PowerPoint a snap.  Our favorite software at the moment:  Ispring Solutions
  • Infinite scroll online learning modules: Self-study elearning courses that read primarily in a downward-scrolling direction. Again, these are fairly easy to create and to update.  Pre-created content blocks remove any need for heavy programming. Our favorite software at the moment:  Articulate Rise
  • Whiteboard animation videos: Also called motion graphics videos, these use intentionally low-quality pictorial and text elements with limited movement and colors, accompanied by sound, to explain abstract concepts. These require a bit of creative thinking about how to convey concepts without true animation but once you get the hang, these are fun and easy to create.  Our favorite software at the moment:  Videoscribe

Want more tips on how to convert your classroom training for the online environment?  Comprehensive Learning Solutions has been advising organizations of all sizes on how to do this.  Contact Comprehensive Learning Solutions today for training or advisory services on remote learning.

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