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Turning Theory into Practice

Two months ago, “Acme Company” paid “T1 Training” to train its Accounting Department on time management techniques as part of an effort to improve processing speeds.  Despite some initial improvements and enthusiasm, Accounting Manager Fred has now noticed that his team has slipped into old habits, and processing speeds are back to pre-training levels.  He …Read More

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Balance is the Key

This month, we continue February’s story of Acme Company’s training. After running two sessions of the time management training, Manager Fred asked participants for their opinions on the program.  Even though T1 Training delivered a pre-existing course, he was surprised at the range of opinions about the sessions.


Trainer Sally’s class felt she was very knowledgeable …Read More

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Coloring Inside the Lines

Last month, we introduced the mistake-filled “T1 Training Company” and talked about the mistakes they made when assessing “Acme Company’s” training needs.  This month we examine T1’s mistakes during the Design Curricula phase.

T1 had a standard day-long time management course that it cut to four hours, per Manager Fred’s request.  Analysis of the end-of-course evaluations …Read More

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The Gift of Time

The holiday season is always a stressful time of year.  At home, you have gift purchases, holiday planning, household cleaning, and travel preparations to do.  At work, the last month of the year is stressful either because you are trying to finish everything before everyone disappears on vacation, or because you have limited work.  If …Read More