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Comprehensive Learning Solutions offers a broad range of high-quality services to address your organization’s workplace learning needs. We believe that training is most effective when it helps solve real-world problems, so we customize our offerings to meet your specific needs. Our training solutions are based on the following principles:

  • Provide context to allow participants to learn the “what,” “why” and “how.”
  • Use multiple means of communication to address the various ways in which people learn.
  • Give participants several opportunities to practice what they have learned.
  • Create situations where participants can learn from each other.
  • Keep explanation simple and avoid jargon.

Our core services:


Other Training-Related Services

Your organization might have more limited training needs: You might only want help determining your training needs, delivering training from an established curriculum, or assessing current programs. Comprehensive Learning Solutions offers these discrete services to support or complement any phase of your program:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Training strategy creation
  • Training project management
  • Instructor-led course development
  • Web-based course development
  • In-class or web-based facilitation or instruction
  • Technical writing
  • Technical assistance for internal training resources
  • Training program evaluation

At Comprehensive Learning Solutions, we’re here to help.

Our clients have been extremely pleased with your work, which covered projects such as the design and development of complex training materials and the development of online training courses. Your successful efforts working with geographically dispersed subject matter experts to elicit content were a joy to watch. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for always being able and willing to accommodate our clients often changing needs and timetables.

Steve Kornblatt, Vice-President, Performance Excellence Partners, Inc.
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Not just another training provider.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions does more than “just” create training strategies. We identify a workable solution then bring that strategy to life. Our team of instructional designers, certified project managers (PMPs), and trainers can translate your complex procedures into understandable training that engages the audience, helps them understand why their world is changing, and teaches them how to succeed in the new environment.

Your team may be working hard to create a new policy, process, or system designed to propel your organization to the next level.   You’ve addressed all the technical aspects, but what about the people? Will your end users be ready, willing, and able to use the new system by go-live?

Comprehensive Learning Solutions can help you address the “people angle.” We work with you to answer these and other critical training-related questions:

  • Who needs to receive what training?
  • How can we get maximum impact from the training with minimal disruption to work schedules?
  • How will we train remote users?
  • How will we reinforce what employees learned in class so we are sure they follow the correct procedures?
  • How will we know if the training has been successful?

At Comprehensive Learning Solutions, we’re here to help.

Whenever I have another curriculum design project to produce, Karen will be first on my list to contact. She is the consummate professional who will create a first-rate product.

Anne Kelley, Principal, Center for Human Capital Innovation.
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Solving even the most complex training challenges.

Whether you are working on projects to reduce poverty, improve access to finance, strengthen food security, improve productivity, encourage sustainable agriculture, enhance justice, or promote peace and stability, Comprehensive Learning Solutions can help address the individual training aspect of your international development efforts.

International organizations and private companies in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe have turned to Comprehensive Learning Solutions for answers to their questions on how to:

  • Teach farmers how to manage their finances better so they can get access to low-interest bank loans.
  • Train smallholder farmers on agricultural best practices so they can produce traceable, high-quality products in a sustainable manner.
  • Teach marginally literate, geographically-dispersed, resource-limited farmers how to grow new crops that will significantly increase income levels.
  • Make sure that efforts to train communities on sustainable water management will be effective.
  • Train entrepreneurs in emerging markets on business management best practices.
  • Build internal training capacity within a country.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions is committed to finding affordable, sustainable, and efficient approaches that build individuals’ skills, knowledge, and abilities so that everyone has the opportunity to be a fully-empowered and productive member of the global village.

At Comprehensive Learning Solutions, we’re here to help.

Karen has provided excellent instructional design and training support to our local and international private sector clients in South Asia, East Asia and Africa. Her work has enhanced the professionalism and effectiveness of our clients’ training programs in the agriculture sectors, which has allowed us to have greater impact on smallholder farmers. Karen is not only a reliable team player and leader, but continues to deliver high quality, creative work that makes her an asset to our team. She has also helped us deliver on our strategic goals and brings many new ideas. I can confidently rely on her to manage challenging projects and understand  complex clients’ needs.

Mehnaz Haider, Senior Operations Officer, Agribusiness Advisory, International Finance Corporation (a World Bank Group Member)


Experience-based guidance to grow your team.

You know your business better than any outsider ever could.  You have a set of trainers, course developers, and subject matter experts who handle your organization’s basic training needs.  Sometimes, though, you need a boost for your training.  Maybe the existing training is not quite hitting the mark.  Maybe you need to develop a more complex training curriculum than your team has ever done before.  Maybe you are switching from in-person to online training.  Whatever the reason, if you need some additional guidance, Comprehensive Learning Solutions is here to help.

If you have been wondering about any of the following questions, you might be in need of our workplace learning advisory services:

  • What is the most effective way for us to deliver training to our staff or clients?
  • How can we make our trainers more engaging?
  • How can we make our training programs more engaging and interactive?
  • How can we get participants to apply more of what they learn in the training?
  • How can we improve the quality of our training?
  • How can we make our training easier to understand?
  • What do we need to consider as we stand up a new training department?
  • How can we convert our classroom-based training to online learning?
  • What are our options for online learning, and which works best for our situation?

With over 25 years working in all phases of the training lifecycle, for private and public clients, Comprehensive Learning Solutions can help you develop the skills of your training team and subject matter experts by providing practical, time-tested advice.

For more information on how we can help you take your training to the next level, contact us at

At Comprehensive Learning Solutions, we’re here to help.

Karen has been invaluable in taking broad concepts and creating thoughtfully organized, easy to use, and understandable products. Whether a technical guide, an instructor-led training, or a web-based course, Karen’s keen understanding of how adults absorb and retain content ensures improved skills and capacity for long-term outcomes. Karen provided comprehensive support throughout the products development process – she even coached the trainers in effective techniques for course delivery to ensure that the subject matter experts became effective instructors.

Leslie Leitch,
Practice Area Lead, Operations,
The Cloudburst Group
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Tailored content in half the time.

Sometimes, you need training in a hurry.  You might have a “situation” with your employees that needs immediate attention.  Maybe it’s about how your managers are managing their projects or staff.  It could be how people are communicating with one another.  While the content is nothing unique to your company, you still want it relevant and tailored to your organization’s culture.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions’ customizable off-the-shelf courses are the answer.  We can teach these pre-created courses as-is, or we can tailor the content, examples, activities, or topics to meet a specific need more effectively.  Our short, targeted workshops are designed with the busy employee in mind:  most last less than 4 hours.  Workshops within the same series can be combined for a full-day training experience.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions currently offers the following workshops:

Foundations of Understanding

Politics.  Racism.  Elections.  Lockdowns.  Masks.  Climate change. Gun Control.  Sexism.  So many controversial issues facing us at one time!  Each of them pulling us apart, as the rancor between sides increases.

Partisanship accomplishes little in the halls of government, in offices, or in society at large.  People in all walks of life need to know how to talk about controversial topics in a manner that fosters understanding and builds bridges.

Built in partnership with C Parker Consulting, this highly interactive, online or in-person series focuses on how to have meaningful, productive conversations about controversial topics that are bigger than typical workplace concerns.  By becoming more adept at these types of conversations, people can learn from each other, gain new perspectives, and learn to accept the “others” in their midst.  All of which leads to a more productive and harmonious workplace and society.  This series contains the following two-hour workshops:

  • Unconscious Bias reveals the hidden ways we let our impulses cloud our judgments and behaviors. This workshop focuses on overcoming those tendencies when making hiring, management, and business decisions so that we build a workplace which supports and encourages diverse perspectives.
  • Conscious Inclusion answers the question, “Now that we realize we might be saying or doing things that unintentionally exclude people, what are we going to do about it? This workshop discusses the importance of curbing our tendencies to exclude, steps to avoid reacting impulsively, and ideas to create a more inclusive environment at work and in life.
  • Controversial Conversations provides tips for how to discuss today’s most controversial topics in ways that lead to greater understanding, rather than shouting matches and hurt feelings. It also provides an opportunity to practice the skills while gaining perspective from other participants.
  • Race Relations video provides easy-to-understand definitions and explanations of some of the complex concepts that are central to discussions of race relations.
  • Race Relations workshop builds on the race relations video and explores concepts that are central to discussions about race relations.  It includes a facilitated dialogue around participants’ experiences and creates a safe space to discuss and learn from one another.
The Breakthrough Consultant

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the U.S. had 1.2 million consultants in 2013.  In this crowded marketplace, what makes your consultants rise above the rest?  The best deliver quality results and identify ways to improve their client’s business.

This series builds skills that give your company’s client-facing consultants the edge they need to win new contracts and add-on work. Taught by and for experienced consultants, this series provides practical tools and techniques that build on your consultants’ experiences and address relevant issues.

  • Communicating with Clients focuses on building communications skills to interact more effectively and build a “trusted adviser” relationship with the client.
  • Asking the Right Questions teaches how to ask probing questions that get at the heart of issues.  In the process, it teaches how to use those questions to identify new business opportunities with the client.
  • Say It with POISE: How to Tell People What They Don’t Want to Hear discusses how to turn difficult work conversations with team members into productive discussions that lead to enhanced performance, improved workplace relations, and reduced workplace stress.
  • Using What You Can reviews how to use proprietary and copyrighted information appropriately to provide clients with the most efficient solution possible while avoiding potential intellectual property or confidentiality liabilities for your consulting company.
  • Managing Progress and Challenges provides tips, tools, and techniques for keeping projects on track and for managing client expectations so that even when things do not go as planned, the client remains happy with the consultant.
Partnering for Progress

With the cost of replacing an experienced employee running three times an employee’s salary, organizations need to focus on retaining top talent. Yet, surveys consistently rank lack of feedback and recognition in the top 10 reasons why employees leave.

This series helps your organization boost retention by improving performance management skills.  The activity-based workshops teach managers and employees how to write effective goals, self-assessments, and evaluations and how to discuss performance openly and calmly.

  • Planning on Paper examines how to write effective and meaningful job objectives.
  • Planning in Person focuses on how to discuss job objectives and expectations with employees.
  • Promoting Performance on Paper details the how, when, and why of writing interim performance assessments.
  • Promoting Performance in Person provides practical tips for providing oral feedback and coaching throughout the year to help employees achieve their goals.
  • Portraying Performance on Paper teaches how to write an effective annual appraisal that meets legal standards and helps employees to develop.
  • Providing Feedback teaches how to hold effective end-of-year performance conversations that provide accurate and adequate feedback to motivate and develop employees.
Transitioning To Management

What is one of the leading causes of employee attrition? Managers with poor supervisory skills. A recent study indicated that 42% of respondents left their organization because of a poor supervisor. If your managers are guilty of micromanaging, demotivating direct reports, failing to develop employees, acting as a bottleneck in the workflow, or otherwise decreasing productivity, this series can help. Designed for those looking to build their management skill set, this series provides an introspective look at what it means to manage others and provides practical tips for how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

  • The Keys to Successful Management identifies the challenges that technical professionals face as they transition to management and examines the required skills that managers need to develop to be successful.
  • Understanding People’s Behaviors presents a five-spoke model for understanding how people process information and provides tips for recognizing and communicating with each type.
  • Strengthening Leadership through Emotional Intelligence builds self-awareness about one’s own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator and influencer of others.
  • Letting Go of the Reins: Delegating, Motivating, and Coaching uses the learning curve as the basis for making decisions about how to delegate work to others and to develop subordinates.
  • Making Hard Decisions provides a practical model for overcoming indecision and making decisions when all information is not available.
Successful Networking

According to a 2012 study by the outplacement firm Right Management, 46% of job seekers found their jobs by networking. A 2009 Harvard Business Review study found that 89% of business people agreed that face-to-face meetings are essential for “sealing the deal.” Whether trying to bring in business, uncork bureaucratic bottlenecks, or round up resources, today’s successful career people know they need to network for themselves, their team, their department, and the whole enterprise.  Opportunity comes to those who excel in technical skills and who know how to build long-term contacts.

In this series, based on the best-selling book on business networking Make Your Contacts Count, Karen Feeley, a certified Contacts Count trainer, provides tools, tips, and techniques that focus on building relationships to get the job done, advance careers, and contribute to enterprise-wide goals.

  • Make Your Contacts Count explains how to thrive at networking events, including memorably answering the big three questions of “What’s your name?”, “What do you do?”, and “What’s new?”
  • Strategic Networking focuses on identifying your networking goals, planning how to expand your network, and how to ask for Referrals.
  • Developing Trusting Relationships examines how to turn casual contacts into active advocates.  It explains the different stages of relationships, teaches you how to build trust with others, and how to follow through with others.
  • The Art of Interesting Conversation teaches how to move beyond small talk into conversations that result in deeper relations and more useful information.  It explains how to ask questions that prompt discussion, how to tell an engaging story, and how to listen with intent.

For more information on these or other customizable courses, contact us at

You have been responsive to our needs and have provided us with interesting, engaging, and informative human resources training. The rave reviews we received from our managers and staff attest to the high quality of your training programs. Thank you for providing your world-class expertise, customer service, and overall value. We look forward to working with you more in the future.

Laurell Aiton, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Communications, Smartronix.
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