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Whether you are working on projects to reduce poverty, improve access to finance, strengthen food security, improve productivity, encourage sustainable agriculture, enhance justice, or promote peace and stability, Comprehensive Learning Solutions can help address the individual training aspect of your international development efforts.

International NGOs and private companies in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe have turned to Comprehensive Learning Solutions for answers to their questions on how to:

  • Teach farmers how to manage their finances better so they can get access to low-interest bank loans.
  • Train smallholder farmers on agricultural best practices so they can produce traceable, high-quality products in a sustainable manner.
  • Teach marginally literate, geographically-dispersed, resource-limited farmers how to grow new crops that will significantly increase income levels.
  • Make sure that efforts to train communities on sustainable water management will be effective.
  • Train entrepreneurs in emerging markets on business management best practices.
  • Build internal training capacity within a country.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions is committed to finding affordable, sustainable, and efficient approaches that build individuals’ skills, knowledge, and abilities so that everyone has the opportunity to be a fully-empowered and productive member of the global village.

At Comprehensive Learning Solutions, we’re here to help.

This was our first time working with a training consultant and we weren’t sure what to expect. Karen was quick to ease our concerns. She was well-organized from the start, sending us a detailed project plan with milestones to show us how long it would take to complete each phase of the project. Further, Karen and her team worked hard to ensure they had complete, accurate and current information about the project, since it evolved throughout the time we worked together. I have already recommended Karen’s services to others in my organization and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to colleagues outside of my employer. I look forward to working with Karen on future projects.

Joanna Cleary Services Manager, The Common Application
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