The Three-way Battle: Entertainment, Information, Education

Despite the record number of deaths, the devastation to the economy, and the social isolation, the dark cloud of COVID-19 has had some silver linings.  Nature rebounded, technology advanced, and the amount of online content soared.  So much free content is available that many do not want to pay for professional development anymore.  But the …Read More

Upcoming Free Webinar on Converting Your Classroom Training!


#COVID-19 has changed the way training professionals deliver courses—escalating worldwide demand for #onlinelearning. IFC’s #GrowLearnConnect (GLC) program aims to #upskill learning and development specialists, enabling them to convert their learning courses for virtual settings.

Join GLC’s upcoming #webinar ‘Creating the 24/7 Classroom’ where I will introduce proven strategies that training professionals can leverage to ensure that their #selfstudy learning course is effective and engaging.


The webinar provides an overview …Read More

CLS Wins Award!

Every year, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) (a member of the World Bank Group), awards its Knowbel Prize to recognize IFC project and non-operations teams who deliver high-impact knowledge-sharing services to clients.  This year, IFC’s GrowLearnConnect (GLC) platform, which Comprehensive Learning Solutions supports, won an award for its COVID-19 Response Webinar Series.

COVID-19 impacted businesses around …Read More

Reach Out and [Almost] Touch Someone

June’s warmer weather, the increase in the amount of people who have been vaccinated, and ridiculously high levels of pandemic-fatigue, are causing people to start socializing again.  After more than a year of quarantining, we humans are itching for social contact.  Social contact is critical for more than just our mental health; it is important …Read More