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THE CHALLENGE: Educate engineers on a new testing and evaluation process.


US Marine Corps (USMC) Systems Command

Integrated Testing & Evaluation Handbook Training

As part of the USMC’s effort to improve the effectiveness of its weapons systems acquisition process, Comprehensive Learning Solutions, in conjunction with CParkerConsulting, developed an 8-hour course to train 1800 engineers and a 4-hour course for Senior Executives on the new testing and evaluation process and available resources. By interpreting the official USMC procedural handbook and working in close coordination with subject matter experts, Comprehensive Learning Solutions developed informative and interactive courses that were appropriate to each audience.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions overcame several challenges: learning the highly specialized content in less than three months; managing the competing needs and political agendas of four different stakeholder groups; and creating the interactive courses for classes of 150 people. The activities needed to be fairly simple to accommodate the large class size and the lack of training experience of the intended instructors. Comprehensive Learning Solutions succeeded in developing, on schedule and within budget, effective and interactive courses that addressed all the stakeholders’ concerns.

THE CHALLENGE: Develop a blended-learning strategy to train a large, geographically-dispersed audience on a software upgrade.


The Common Application

System Upgrade Training Strategy

The Common Application, a non-profit that provides an online application accepted at more than 500 US colleges, upgraded its online system. Comprehensive Learning Solutions contributed to the upgrade effort by developing:

  • A training strategy to train over 600,000 applicants worldwide, teachers and guidance counselors from more than 18,000 US high schools, and admissions officers from nearly 500 US colleges;
  • A conference plan to introduce the upgrade to member colleges;
  • A communications plan to update high school guidance counselors and member colleges on the upgrade;
  • Two web-based videos to train applicants;
  • The skills of training-video-creation skills of Common Application staff.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions overcame several project challenges: All training had to be available remotely at any time to accommodate varying schedules and time zones. The upgrade was in early development and the training team did not have access to it. The Common Application wanted to develop the training products done in-house, so the plan and products needed to be easy for staff to create.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions developed three strategies that The Common Application was able to implement independently after some mentoring. The conference was a success and the universities were pleased with the pending changes to the system.


THE CHALLENGE: Improve the communications, client management, and project management skills of Information Technology (IT) and Engineering staff.


DSA, Inc.

Communications and Management Skills Training

DSA, an IT consulting firm that provides advanced technology support to the US Defense industry, wanted to improve the interpersonal communications and management skill of its project managers. DSA used Comprehensive Learning Solutions’ customizable, off-the-shelf products to train 60 technology and engineering project managers and managers on four half-day courses (Communicating with Clients; Say It with POISE: How to Tell People What They Don’t Want to Hear; The Keys to Successful Management; and Letting Go of the Reins: Delegating, Motivating, and Coaching) and a full-day seminar (Strengthening Leadership through Emotional Intelligence).

Using Comprehensive Learning Solutions’ off-the-shelf products enabled DSA to blend the best of pre-fab and custom built training: it provided industry-specific training in less time than a custom course would take to create. In only one month, DSA employees had completed training.

THE CHALLENGE: Reinforce the importance of avoiding sexual and workplace harassment.


Smartronix, Inc.

Human Resources Training

Smartronix is an IT consulting firm to the US Defense industry and private corporations. As part of a pro-active initiative to prevent human resources lawsuits from arising within the company, Smartronix launched an initiative to educate its managers and employees on workplace harassment issues.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions tailored two of its half-day customizable, off-the-shelf workshops (Human Resources Risk Management and Respect in the Workplace) to include business-relevant examples and company-specific policy discussions. A Comprehensive Learning Solutions trainer taught the courses to managers and employees in three states.

Using Comprehensive Learning Solutions’ off-the-shelf courses enabled Smartronix to quickly and affordably provide company-specific training that included discussions specific to its own policies and practices in less time than would have been possible with a custom-built course.

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THE CHALLENGE: Provide cost-effective, innovative training on agricultural practices for a large, geographically-dispersed, low-literacy audience.


International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Eucalyptus Farmer Training, India

The IFC, a World Bank Group member, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on private sector development as a way to reduce poverty. As part of IFC India’s initiative to increase smallholder farmers’ incomes, IFC hired Comprehensive Learning Solutions to develop for JK Paper, a leading Indian paper manufacturing company, a new training strategy for extension teams and farmers.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions overcame several project challenges: The client was located in a remote section of India. The target audience of 40,000 farmers spoke Oriya and Telugu and had limited capabilities in English or Hindi; had no more than a 5th grade education; and had little access to computers, smartphones, the internet, or electricity.

Working with a local team, Comprehensive Learning Solutions developed a training strategy and curriculum which included (1) training extension workers on better adult learning techniques (2) creating lower-cost videos to deliver standardized and accurate information and (3) creating six two-hour courses to teach Eucalyptus farming practices. In the process, Comprehensive Learning Solutions developed for IFC an innovative approach to lower-cost farmer training and developed instructional design and training capacity within India.

THE CHALLENGE: Provide easily accessible self-paced training to small to medium enterprises in developing nations who want to learn more about business management practices.


International Finance Corporation (IFC)

SME Toolkit elearning videos

The IFC, a World Bank Group member, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on private sector development as a way to reduce poverty. As part of its initiative to help micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SME) around the globe grow their businesses, IFC developed a web-based “SME Toolkit” with downloadable business management templates and tools.

When IFC wanted to develop innovative, instructionally-sound, short e-learning videos which would teach business owners about the basics of financial management, it hired Comprehensive Learning Solutions to design the approach, create the storyboards, and edit the scripts and videos. Click here to view the videos, which provide easy-to-understand and engaging explanations of the basics of financial management.

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