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If you have ever hired a training professional before, you know that finding the right one can be tricky.  Sometimes you get lucky and get experts who know what they are doing, like the consultants at Comprehensive Learning Solutions.   Other times, you get people who are good at lecturing, but not so good at helping others to learn.  In emerging markets, the latter is more common. 

The IFC (a World Bank Group member) is working to change that by launching today a globally recognized standard and set of certifications for performance learning professionals.  IFC has worked in close consultation with Comprehensive Learning Solutions to create:

  • A Competency Framework for Performance and Learning Professionals, featuring a set of quality standards and principles for organizations and performance and learning practitioners working in emerging markets. 
  • Capacity building training courses on each phase of the training lifecycle, to prepare practitioners to receive internationally recognized IFC-LPI certifications.
  • The Grow Learn Connect platform, a web-based network for global performance and learning professionals.

As part of this effort, Comprehensive Learning Solutions and IFC needed to test the updated facilitation skills course.  To do so, it partnered with the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM).  KIM was already working with the IFC on a different project to train small to medium-sized construction companies how to manage and market their businesses according to standards that would enable them to be hired for government road construction projects.  The project used local trainers to teach the courses but had noticed a wide variety in the quality and methods used.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions piloted the course for the IFC/KIM road construction companies in Kenya.  Despite a 33% over-enrollment, an audience of mixed experience, a miscommunication that sent half the class to a different location across town on the first day, and a noisy learning environment, participants left feeling that the course had exceeded their expectations.  Click here to hear from the participants in their own words. Contact Comprehensive Learning Solutionsif you would like to enhance the skills of your training professionals.

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