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Every year, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) (a member of the World Bank Group), awards its Knowbel Prize to recognize IFC project and non-operations teams who deliver high-impact knowledge-sharing services to clients.  This year, IFC’s GrowLearnConnect (GLC) platform, which Comprehensive Learning Solutions supports, won an award for its COVID-19 Response Webinar Series.

COVID-19 impacted businesses around the world, particularly Micro Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in emerging markets, reducing consumer spending, disrupting supply chains, and straining access to finance. MSMEs urgently needed upskilling to adapt to the economic downturn and digitize their businesses. IFC’s GrowLearnConnect team identified that financial institutions could help improve the resilience of their MSME clients by offering COVID-response related training on topics of immediate urgence to MSMEs.

The program consists of six webinar-style courses and related videos to help MSMEs mitigate their businesses’ financial risks, maintain their access to finance, digitize their business, facilitate meetings and training sessions online, and navigate through this challenging time.  Courses focus on marketing, financial management, business planning, and online training options.

Comprehensive Learning Solutions played a key role in this program, including envisioning the program, designing and developing the courses, creating the videos, facilitating the live online learning sessions, and training others to conduct the live training sessions.  We are proud and honored to be part of this award-winning team.

If you would like to learn more about how to facilitate training online or how to convert your training for the online environment, contact Comprehensive Learning Solutions at

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