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This month, Comprehensive Learning Solutions celebrates 10 years of operations!  It’s hard to believe how quickly that time has passed and how much we have accomplished in that time.  During the past decade we have worked on 62 different projects for 23 different clients, given presentations at 5 different conferences, published a journal article, and co-edited a textbook on global workplace learning.  We are thrilled that along with our mission of providing superb training services, we have been able to work on projects that address some of the most vexing problems of our times.

To celebrate our achievement, some of this year’s blog posts will spotlight projects on which we have worked.  Come back monthly to see how we have helped to shrink the impending global food crisis, improve the livelihoods of subsistence farmers around the world, build the capacity of training professionals, improve relations between law enforcement and minority communities around the US, and more. In between, look for useful articles to help you in your roles as employees, consultants, project managers, trainers, or HR managers.

Of course, no person is an island, and our success would not have been possible without the ongoing support of our clients, partners, vendors, and friends.  To all of you, we say “Thank you!”  If you want to learn more about how we can help your organization make its training more effective, contact Comprehensive Learning Solutions.  Whether you are trying to improve the impact of existing training programs, enhance the communication or management skills of employees, educate staff on new policies or procedures, or build capacity to solve complex problems, we can develop training strategies or programs that work!

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