The Annual Gift-Giving Guide

An interesting contradiction exists in the business world today: Stories abound about how businesses are allowing less and less travel. Between the high cost of gas, the increase in terrorism, the prevalence of the internet, and the plethora of VOIP conference call systems, the amount of business travel has decreased. Yet, airplanes have higher passenger …Read More

Have we become too technical?

A 2014 study conducted by Adecco revealed that 92 percent of US executives believe that the American workforce suffers a skills gap.  Surprisingly, 44 percent of the executives believe that the biggest gap was in the soft skills:  communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.   Only 22 percent felt the gap was in the technical skills.  In …Read More

Resuscitating PowerPoint

When Microsoft launched PowerPoint in 1990, they knew they had a hot new tool.  It is not clear whether they realized the extent to which this software program would reshape the way the world communicates.  It revolutionized presentations, enabling anyone to create professional-looking, visually-appealing slides and images.  And it was so much easier to use …Read More