New Video Facilitates Dialogue on Race

If you asked most White Americans in 2000 if discrimination in the US was still a big problem, they probably would have said no.  After all, slavery was long gone.  Anybody could live, work, and socialize wherever they wanted.  The US had finally succeeded in achieving its goal of becoming the great American melting pot.

If …Read More

The Silver Lining

Comprehensive Learning Solutions wishes all its followers, clients, colleagues, and their families good health, safety, financial security, and sanity at this unprecedented time in the world.  To help with the sanity part, we are sharing this beautiful poem by Brother Richard Hendrick, a Capuchin Franciscan living in Ireland, who penned this touching poem about the times …Read More

Celebrating 10 Years, with Gratitude!

This month, Comprehensive Learning Solutions celebrates 10 years of operations!  It’s hard to believe how quickly that time
has passed and how much we have accomplished in that time.  During the past decade we have worked on 62
different projects for 23 different clients, given presentations at 5 different
conferences, published a journal article, and co-edited a textbook …Read More

Building Community at Work

People are funny. They are filled with contradictions they don’t even realize. On the one hand, Gen X’ers and older complain that “kids today” don’t know how to talk to each other. All they do is text, email, or Facebook each other. They have thousands of “Facebook friends” but few people with whom they actually …Read More