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It’s that time of year when we search high and low for something meaningful to give to others and ourselves.  Finding that “perfect something” can be so stressful!   To help make your lives easier, here are some gift ideas, based on some of our favorite purchases from the year:

  • For Your Inner Scientist: If you know someone who is interested in training, learning, or just understanding how people think, consider Brain Rules by John Medina.  This easy-to-read book gives simple explanations of how we think and provides insights for for working or learning more effectively.
  • For your Outer Smile: Even though COVID finally seems to be on the retreat, it is still going to be a while before masks go away completely.  Make listening easier and socializing more enjoyable by using clear plastic masks for the hard of hearing.  These masks provide the same protection as your standard cloth mask but have a clear plastic area over the mouth so people can see your lips.  If you have to train in person wearing a mask, it can make it easier for your audience to understand you.  If you are socializing and taking selfies, at least everyone can see your beautiful smile.
  • For your Inner Adventurer: After another year “in captivity”, most of us are anxious to get out and explore the world beyond our computer screen.  Of course, carrying a full wallet or pocketbook as you explore can be cumbersome and heavy.  Consider converting to a much smaller wallet.  We love the Chums Surfshort Wallet.  It’s small but efficient design allows you to carry enough of the basic necessities (cash, credit cards, ID cards) without enabling you to carry every card you ever received in the mail.  It fits in your pocket and is waterproof and secure.
  • For your Inner Organizer: If you have been meaning to reduce the clutter in your office but are afraid to toss photos or documents for fear that they might be useful later, digital copies are the best option.  However, scanning all those photos takes so much time…until now!  The Epson FastFoto FF-680W high-speed scanner is amazing!  It can scan one photo per second!  This is not the cheapest gift on the list, but what it lacks in dollar savings it makes up for in time savings!
  • For Your Inner Calm: There is something remarkably soothing about rocking back and forth.  If you live in a more urban dwelling without large living rooms or front porches, finding room for a nice rocking chair can be a challenge…until now!  The Furniwell Patio Rocking Zero Gravity Portable Lounge Chair is the perfect alternative.  Technically, it is meant for camping:  Bring it with you on your next camping trip and set it up near the fire.  But it is also the perfect size for an apartment building’s balcony.  You can leave it out in the spring and summer, then fold and store it over the winter.  Ten minutes of rocking in this chair and you are magically transported in your mind’s eye from the stress of work to a brief respite at the beach or woods.

What has been your favorite purchase of the year that you would like to share?  Post your suggestions in the Comments section.

Happy Holidays!

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