Good Reads

It seems like new books are published every day that promise better ideas for “how to” improve the way we work: how to consult, lead teams, manage businesses, design better courses, use new technologies, or communicate more effectively.  A quick search on, for example, revealed that it has 951,187 books related to management practices …Read More

The Power of Questions

“The wise man doesn’t give the right answers, he poses the right questions.”
–Claude Levi-Strauss
One of the biggest mistakes that consultants and managers make is to assume that they must have all the answers.  When stakeholders approach them with an issue, they feel that they must immediately solve the problem.  After all, that is why they …Read More

Have we become too technical?

A 2014 study conducted by Adecco revealed that 92 percent of US executives believe that the American workforce suffers a skills gap.  Surprisingly, 44 percent of the executives believe that the biggest gap was in the soft skills:  communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.   Only 22 percent felt the gap was in the technical skills.  In …Read More

Resuscitating PowerPoint

When Microsoft launched PowerPoint in 1990, they knew they had a hot new tool.  It is not clear whether they realized the extent to which this software program would reshape the way the world communicates.  It revolutionized presentations, enabling anyone to create professional-looking, visually-appealing slides and images.  And it was so much easier to use …Read More

Say What You Mean

A few months ago a friend posted on Facebook that his company merged with a bigger one. Half-jokingly, I commented that he should watch out for the impending flood of emails from top management talking about how the “synergies will maximize shareholder value” and other corporate-speak.  He laughed because by the time he read my …Read More

Writing for Change

Many organizations that implement new policies, processes, or systems follow the mantra:  “Build it and they will come.”  They invest their time and resources building the new system, then, on the go-live date, they proudly announce their accomplishments and expect people to  start using it because “it’s the new reality.”  Other organizations take the “it’s …Read More

Lessons in Video Production

These days, it seems like everyone knows how to make videos. Yet, when it comes to making high quality, affordable training videos, the number of people who know what they’re doing dwindles rapidly. Yes, video production companies still abound but they are not exactly affordable. So what’s a poor training team supposed to do?

Luckily, times …Read More

Finding the Big Idea

A few years ago I watched the 2008 movie Defiance about Tuvia, Zus, and Asael Bielski: three brothers who successfully led a group of Jewish survivors through the Belorussian forest during the Nazi occupation. The movie inspired me to write Leadership and Defiance, an article about seven basic principles of leadership that the movie clearly …Read More

Training People with Low Literacy Levels

In May 2014, Bayer Crop Sciences announced that it is collaborating with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) on a new initiative to train Filipino rice farmers on better farm practices, technologies, and financial skills. Comprehensive Learning Solutions provided the financial education training on behalf of the IFC.

Financial literacy training (or financial education, as it is …Read More